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New! Insights for Food & Beverage Distribution

See how food, beverage, & CPG distribution companies use F&B Insights to close more accounts.

Make smarter decisions with millions of unique data points

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Use Yelp’s real-time data to sell more efficiently, enhance risk profiles, enrich CRMs, and more

Turn critical decisions into predictable outcomes with Yelp Knowledge

Sales team

Sales & marketing optimization

Sell more to better accounts by uncovering new opportunities earlier, predicting demand more accurately, & locating ideal prospects ready to buy

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Small business owner accepting card payment from customer

Customer management

Unlock more revenue from existing customers by spotting up-sell and cross-sell intent earlier than ever

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Market expansion

Choose new markets more confidently with real-time local business and consumer activity data you won’t see anywhere but on Yelp

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Risk assessment

Underwrite more accurately by enhancing risk profiles, predicting cash flows, & analyzing investments using Yelp SMB data

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Agency sales team having a meeting

Data enrichment

Turn your CRM into a competitive advantage by layering Yelp’s high-quality, regularly-updated local business data

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Future site selection

De-risk your next brick & mortar site search using Yelp’s historical business performance & consumer activity trends across cities and states

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Distribution efficiencies

Operate smarter with unique insights for customer sentiment, competitor behavior, & supply chain optimization

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Real-time business data, consumer activity, & AI-driven insights

Business attributes

Business & POI details with 100+ premium attributes

Ratings, reviews, & photos

200 recent star ratings & reviews per business with up to 20 photos

Consumer engagement insights

Consumer engagement metrics and scores per business

Health & risk insights

Business popularity & viability score

Local & competitive insights

Look-alike businesses, opening soon, newly-opened, & recent business updates

Food & drinks insights

Dishes & drinks offered, popular dishes & drinks, & raw food ingredients

Meet our customers operating intelligently with Yelp Knowledge


One of the largest CXM platforms built for the world’s biggest brands to manage customer care through online channels at-scale.

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Credit reporting agency serving more than 25 million U.S. businesses; one of the “Big 3” credit reporting companies in the world.

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Parent company and operating vehicle for some mid-market and restaurant chains in the U.S., including Dunkin Donuts, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Arbys.

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Online brand management company, offering scalable ways for clients to manage online presences and update listing information.

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Verisk seamlessly integrates millions of data points in real-time, helping insurers accelerate their digital transformations and win the race to zero application questions.

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GoDaddy has all the tools businesses need to market their website, sell online and stay connected to their customers.

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